Library programs and services : the fundamentals


Library programs and services : the fundamentals

Stacey Greenwell and G. Edward Evans

(Library and information science text series)

Bloomsbury Libraries Unlimited, 2024

9th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The ninth edition of this popular overview of the various programs and services offered by libraries offers best practice and useful tips for implementing them effectively. Building on the strong foundation of the previous editions, award-winning author G. Edward Evans returns with a new co-author, Stacey Greenwell, for this update that combines their signature style of textbook readability, informality, and sometimes humor, as well as their knack for balancing foundational topics and new trends. A new feature in this edition is the incorporation of the concept of "library social work" through "Social Work Connections" sidebars in each chapter. Anecdotes throughout the text and "Career Connections" sidebars offer practical advice and specific current examples. Greenwell and Evans have combined several chapters from the previous edition and expanded discussions of new trends while retaining and updating the fundamentals. The ninth edition is a welcome update for library and information science courses and a valuable handbook for public services librarians.


List of Tables Preface to the Ninth Edition 1. Introduction to Library Public Services Library Functions Library Types and Library Users Quality Service Customer Service Training Libraries and Social Work Closing Thoughts References 2. Reference Services Types of Reference Questions The Reference Interview Reference Service Categories In-House Reference Training Closing Thoughts References 3. Instructional Services The Nature of Instructional Services Information Literacy Defined The Need for Information Literacy Instruction Types of Information Literacy Instruction Instructional Methods Classroom Pedagogy Instruction: Moving Theory into Practice Online Instructional Support Scheduling Assessing Learning Closing Thoughts References 4. Access Services Loan Systems Borrowers Loaning Materials Privacy of Loan Data Stack Maintenance E-Reserve Services Acquiring Materials Beyond the Library Interlibrary Loan Document Delivery Cooperative Resource Sharing Legal Concerns Closing Thoughts References 5. Physical Collections How Publishing Works Serials Types of Serials Paper-Based Collection Issues for Public Service Staff Government Information Archives-Special Collections Media Collections Media Ratings and Libraries Closing Thoughts References 6. Online Collections Differences between Digital and Other Resources Online Resource Types Digital Permanence Closing Thoughts References 7. Programs and Services Programming Services Closing Thoughts References 8. Technology Issues Libraries and Technology Public Access to Computers Online Government Information and Services Social Media Developing a Social Media Policy and Plan Social Media in Libraries Measurability: The Impact of Social Media in the Library Closing Thoughts References 9. Legal Issues Creating Libraries Users and the Law Library Services and the Law Contracts and Licenses Copyright Closing Thoughts References 10. Fiscal Issues Budget Basics Budget Formats Fund Accounting Garnering Budget Support Other Sources of Funding Closing Thoughts References 11. Ethical Issues Ethical Concepts Workplace Ethics and Values Professional Ethics Intellectual Freedom Self-Interest Other Potential Ethical Challenges Closing Thoughts References 12. Staffing Categories of Information Service Personnel The Staffing Process Staff Development, Training, and Retention Performance Appraisal Part-Time Staff Closing Thoughts References 13. Safety Aspects Risk Assessment and Management Disaster Preparedness Planning Technological Security Bugs and Other Nasty Things Collection Safety People Safety Challenging Users Closing Thoughts References 14. Library as Place Library as Place Managing the Facility Deferred Maintenance Sustainability Planning for Renovation or New Space Moving to a New Location Joint-Use Facilities Closing Thoughts References 15. Assessment Key Concepts Reasons for Doing Assessments Tools That Aid in Assessment Efforts Outcomes Closing Thoughts References Index

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