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Student and skilled labour mobility in the Asia Pacific Region : reflecting the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution

Shingo Ashizawa, Deane E. Neubauer, editors

(International & development education)

Palgrave Macmillan, c2023

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This volume explores the implications of student mobility on higher education across the Asia Pacific Region. Student Mobility has become a major feature of higher education throughout the world, and most particularly over the past two decades within the Asia Pacific Region. This system of mobility is entering a period of profound predicted change, created by the social and economic transformations being occasioned by the rapid increased uses of artificial intelligence (AI), a process that is being increasingly framed as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" or Work 4.0, a process that is widely predicted to evoke fundamental changes in the ways that work is performed and who does it. This volume explores various dimensions of this process, examining various aspects of the process as they are affecting national and regional economies even as the phenomenon produces a wide variety of engagements with the global economy as a whole.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Student Mobility and the Emergent Fourth Industrial Revolution (Work 4.0)Part I: The Fourth Industrial RevolutionChapter 1. The overall dimensions and prospects of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionChapter 2. The changing roles of basic social institutions, including education and higher education in particular, within the Fourth Industrial RevolutionChapter 3. The impact and implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on student mobility in the Asia Pacific RegionPart II: Direct Impacts of The 4th Industrial Revolution on Higher Education as a social enterprise.Chapter 4. Linking higher education to changing patterns of job mobility and emergent patterns of technological changeChapter 5. Reassessing the overall dynamics of the push/pull factors that comprise student mobility currently and within the increasingly transformative framework of Work. 4.0Chapter 6. Changing dynamics occurring within Asia Pacific Student MobilityChapter 7. Transforming the teaching experiencePart III: Transformative impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution on student mobility in the Asia Pacific RegionChapter 8. The birth of a global curriculum market and its impact on institutional strategy, program design and teaching practice Chapter 9. Changing Certification ModalitiesChapter 10. Conclusion

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