Innovative finance for technological progress : roles of Fintech, financial instruments, and institutions

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Innovative finance for technological progress : roles of Fintech, financial instruments, and institutions

edited by Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Roohallah Aboojafari and Naoyuki Yoshino

(Banking, money and international finance, 34)

Routledge, 2023

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Innovative businesses and startups contribute to job creation, economic growth, and technological advancement in most countries. Finance helps nurture innovative firms like startups. Unfortunately, most startups and innovative projects cannot secure finance through the usual and conventional methods. This book goes beyond traditional financing to explore innovative ways to help finance startups and novel businesses. The book covers institutional innovation, innovation in products and processes, and the recent progress in financial innovations in various countries through empirical and case studies. It gives an in-depth look at regulatory, policy frameworks, and risk assessments for financial innovations. It also assesses the role of various innovations, including Fintech, machine learning, big data, scoring models, credit databases, digital platforms, credit guarantees in funding startups, and novel technologies. This book offers valuable insights into how policymakers can nurture a more conducive ecosystem for startups and technologies through innovative finance.

Table of Contents

Introduction SECTION 1 Opportunities, challenges, and solutions 1. What are the risks associated with innovative finance and how to cope with them? 2. Financial inclusion, financial innovation, and macroeconomic stability 3. Role of national innovation financing agencies in promoting startups: A comparative study 4. Innovation financing challenges from the perspective of structural barriers and business environment of Iran: Case of the Iran national innovation fund SECTION 2 Regulatory and policy framework 5. Regulatory frameworks of crowdfunding for startups in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam 6. Institutional and regulatory requirements for innovative Fintech market in Bangladesh: Why do they matter? 7. The role of government in digital innovations: Case of Turkish startup ecosystem SECTION 3 Innovations in institutions, products, and processes: Best practices and policies 8. Deploying machine learning and big data to promote MSMEs' access to finance in Japan and its application to other countries 9. National Credit Bureau: An institutional financial innovation boosting SME financing in Thailand 10. Role of credit guarantee schemes in funding technology-based firms in Iran 11. The role of capital market in innovation finance 12. Financial innovations and Fintech solutions for migrant workers in the MENA region 13. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on innovative Fintech in India 14. Fintech approach to assessing innovative SMEs' credit risk

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