Yonenaga Ichiro YONENAGA Ichiro


Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (2004年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • X-ray Fluorescence Holography Study on Si_<1-x>Ge_x Single Crystal

    HAYASHI Kouichi , TAKAHASHI Yukio , YONENAGA Ichiro , MATSUBARA Eiichiro

    We measured the X-ray fluorescence holograms of Si<SUB>0.999</SUB>Ge<SUB>0.001</SUB>, Si<SUB>0.8</SUB>Ge<SUB>0.2</SUB>, Si<SUB>0.5</SUB>Ge&l …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 45(7), 1994-1997, 2004-07-20

    J-STAGE  References (20)

  • Hardness of Bulk Single-Crystal Gallium Nitride at High Temperatures

    YONENAGA Ichiro , HOSHI Tetsuya , USUI Akira

    The hardness of single-crystal gallium nitride at elevated temperatures is measured and compared with that of other semiconductors. A Vickers indentation method was used to determine the hardness unde …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 39(3), L200-L201, 2000-03-01

    J-STAGE  References (15)

  • Observation of Lattice Defects in Solid Helium by SR X-Ray Topography

    IWASA Izumi , SUZUKI Hideji , NAKAJIMA Tetsuo , SUZUKI Shigeo , ANDO Masami , YONENAGA Ichiro , TAKEBE Masahiro , SUMINO Koji

    Durect observation of lattice defccts in solid helium-4 by Sl< X-ray is reported. Astrong lattice distortion in a helium crystal caused by a pressttre decrease in the sanvpie cell in live course of …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 56(12), p4225-4228, 1987-12

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