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Department of Physics, School of Science, Tokai University (2001年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Two-Dimensional Simulation of and Experiments on the Forward-Backward Modes Coupled Unstable Resonator

    SUNAKO Katsuhiko , ENDO Masamori , YAMAGUCHI Shigeru , FUJIOKA Tomoo

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Pt. 1 Regular Papers, Short Notes & Review Papers 40(2), 617-624, 2001-02-01

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  • Supersonic chemical oxygen iodine laser with microwave discharge dissociation of iodine molecule  [in Japanese]

    SHINODA Kazuhiko , OKAMOTO Hideo , TAKEDA Shuzaburo , SUGIMOTO Daichi , ENDO Masamori , FUJIOKA Tomoo

    Chemical oxygen iodine laser with Microwave dischage dissociation of iodine is studied. It has been understood by the research done before that laser power was not enough enhancement. Because the high …

    Journal of Advanced Science 12(1), 138-139, 2000-08-31

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  • Cutting and Drilling of Inorganic Materials for Civil Engineering Using a Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser

    SUGIMOTO Daichi , ENDO Masamori , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , NANRI Kanzo

    The Review of laser engineering 28(3), 171-175, 2000-03-15

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  • Outward-Inward Mode Coupled Unstable Resonator

    SUNAKO Katsuhiko , FUJIOKA Tomoo

    A new type of unstable resonator is proposed, in which the inward mode is coupled with the outward mode through the reflection from a flat mirror located at the outlet of the confocal unstable resonat …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 38(9), 5109-5113, 1999-09-01

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  • Simulation of the new unstable resonator  [in Japanese]

    EGAWA Tomokuni , ISHIKAWA Yuichi , YAMAZAKI Keisuke , SUNAKO Katsuhiko

    We proposed a new type of unstable resonator. Generally it is difficult for the unstable resonator to put out laser beam in a low gain laser medium (ex. Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser: COIL). We conside …

    Journal of Advanced Science 11(2), 160-161, 1999-08-15

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  • High peak power pulse generation of the Chemical Oxygen・Iodine Laser with an External Magnetic Field  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Kenji , SUGIMOTO Daichi , FUJIOKA Tomoo , KAWANO Takanori , ENDO Masamori , TAKEDA Shusaburo , WANI Fumio

    One of the most important factors for industrial laser is an ability to produce a pulsed-output beam. In order to achieve high peak pulse generation on Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL), magnetic ga …

    Journal of Advanced Science 11(2), 144-145, 1999-08-15

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  • The unstable resonator with a stable resonator core  [in Japanese]

    SHIROSE Koichi , MORISHITA Masahiro , SUGIMOTO Seiriki , MATSUMURA Masaru , NANRI Kenzo , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , YAMAGUCHI Shigeru , FUJIOKA Tomoo

    Anew type of the laser resonator has been studied for low gain and large aperture lasers. Numerical analyses clearly show the usefulness of the resonator. Experimental results are shown comparing to t …

    Journal of Advanced Science 10(2), 164-165, 1998-09-30

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  • A study of laser beam cutting phenomena by using a high-speed photography  [in Japanese]

    SATO Norifumi , IWASE Yoshimichi , YAMAGUCHI Shigeru , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , FUJIOKA Tomoo , NANRI Kenzou , YAMAMOTO Yoshitaka

    A high speed photography technique was demonstrated in order to explore transient laser beam cutting phenomena. Dynamic cutting kerf production during a CO<sub>2</sub> laser irradiation on …

    Journal of Advanced Science 10(2), 162-163, 1998-09-30

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  • Forward-backward mode coupled unstable resonator  [in Japanese]

    SASAKI Shuji , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , KAKINUMA Tadashi , YAMAGUCHI Shigeru , FUJIOKA Tomoo

    We proposed a new unstable resonator, in which forward-mode and backward-mode coupled each other, for low gain large bore laser media such as COIL. The calculations showed that the new unstable resona …

    Journal of Advanced Science 10(2), 154-155, 1998-09-30


  • High-efficiency operation of supersonic COIL using nitrogen as buffer gas for optical power system  [in Japanese]

    KAWAKAMI Masataka , NAGATOMO Shoji , UMEHARA Keiichi , ENDO Masamori , TAKEDA Shuzaburo , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , FUJIOKA Tomoo , WANI Fumio

    The Chemical Oxygen lodine Laser (COIL) has unique characteristics and it is expected to be used in the energy field. Usually, Lasing threshold of COIL is decreased by the supersonic expansion. To obt …

    Journal of Advanced Science 10(2), 150-151, 1998-09-30

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  • Spectroscopic Measurements of Ion Temperature in Sheet Plasma and String Plasma

    YAJIMA Teruo , SUZUKI Naoto , MATSUBARA Akihiro , OHMAE Goichi , TONEGAWA Akira , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , NANRI Kenzo , SAKAMOTO Shigeyasu , YABE Eiji , TAKAYAMA Kazuo , KAWAMURA Kazutaka

    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 33(11), p.886-888, 1996-11-25

    J-STAGE  References (4) Cited by (4)

  • Calculation of magnetic field strength for coil system designed to free from magnetic force and to confine the high β plasma  [in Japanese]

    SUNAKO Katsuhiko , YOSHIDA Takeshi , MATSUBARA Akihiro , TONEGAWA Akira , NANRI Kenzo , KAWAMURA Kazutaka , YABE Eiji , TAKAYAMA Kazuo , YAJIMA Teruo , MIYATA Tomohiro

    Journal of advanced science 7(3), 193-196, 1996-03-15

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  • Production of Sheet Plasma

    SUNAKO Katsuhiko , MIYASHITA Tamotsu , TAKAYAMA Kazuo

    By using rectangular electrodes, rectangular magnetic coils and a TPD type plasma source, we have produced a sheet plasma whose thickness is approximately equal to the ion cyclotron diameter. The char …

    Proceedings of the Faculty of Science of Tokai University (21), 33-45, 1986-03-01


  • Hollow Discharge Type Ion Source with a Slabformed Ion Beam

    TONEGAWA Akira , YABE Eiji , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , TAKAYAMA Kazuo

    An ion source utilizing the cold hollow cathode discharge was fabricated and its characteristics were measured. The structure of this ion source is simple and its discharge state is quiet. The plasma …

    Proceedings of the Faculty of Science of Tokai University (19), 51-57, 1984-03-31


  • Rotational Injection of the Plasma into the TBS Magnetic Field

    TSURUOKA Yasuhiko , SENGOKU Seio , MIYASHITA Tamotsu , SUNAKO Katsuhiko , NANRI Kenzo , CHEN C. L.

    On the purpose of the confining a plasma effectively, the plasma was injected into a TBS magnetic field by means of the rotational drift motion induced by E×B. In these experiments, the plasma density …

    Proceedings of the Faculty of Science of Tokai University 11(1), 25-30, 1976-03-31


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