Karasawa Junichi KARASAWA Junichi


Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University (1997年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Oxygen Gas Sensing Properties of Metal/Nb:SrTiO_3 Mechanical Contact

    SHENG Jianxin , KARASAWA Junichi , FUKAMI Tatsuo

    An anomalous surface-barrier property of platinum on single-crystal Nb:SrTiO<SUB>3</SUB> was investigated. The metal-semiconductor mechanical contact shows a normal rectifying current-volt …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 36(9), 6027-6030, 1997-09-01

    J-STAGE  References (15)

  • Localized Polarization in Strontium Titanate Crystal

    KARASAWA Junichi , TAKAKU Hitoshi , FUKAMI Tatsuo

    Polarization charges, which are assumed to be located on crystal surfaces and contribute to ultra low frequency dielectric relaxation, were investigated through thermally stimulated current (TSC) stud …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 35(9), 5129-5131, 1996-09-01

    J-STAGE  References (18) Cited by (3)

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