Yamaguchi Toshihiko YAMAGUCHI Toshihiko


Faculty of Education, Fukui University (1998年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • An Optical Method for Detecting Torsion in a Power Transmission Shaft in Realtime

    UEDA Masahiro , YAMAGUCHI Toshihiko , JING Chen , ASADA Katsuhiko , TANIGUCHI Keiji , SUGA Hiroshi

    An optical method has been proposed for detecting torsion in a power transmission shaft in realtime. The method detects both light signals reflected on two mirrors attached to both sides of a rotating …

    The Review of Laser Engineering 26(11), 821-822, 1998-11-15

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  • A Laser System for Detecting Surface Flaws of a Molding

    JING Chen , YAMAGUCHI Toshihiko , TANIGUCHI Keiji , ASADA Katsuhiko , UEDA Masahiro

    An optical system for detecting the surface flaws of a molding, e.g., the brake disc of a car, has been proposed which involves a sheet-like laser beam of length, l, and width, w, as a probing light. …

    The Review of laser engineering 26(10), 744-746, 1998-10-15

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  • Application of Calorimetry to Investigate Viability of Crops Seeds

    YAMAGUCHI Toshihiko , WAKIZUKA Takumi , TAKAHASHI Katsutada

    熱測定 : netsu = Calorimetry and thermal analysis 23(1), 2-4, 1996-01-30

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