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The Department of Internal Medicine, Keiju General Hospital (1997年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Severe Chest Pain due to Gastric Anisakiasis

    MACHI Toshihiko , OKINO Soichi , SAITO Yasuhito , HORITA Yuki , TAGUCHI Tomio , NAKAZAWA Tetsuya , NAKAMURA Yoshihisa , HIRAI Hiroshi , MIYAMORI /Hirotoshi , KITAGAWA Syunsuke

    We treated two cases of gastric anisakiasis presenting with severe chest pain. In both cases, there was a history of prior ingestion of raw saltwater fish. After endoscopic removal of larvae, the ches …

    Internal Medicine 36(1), 28-30, 1997-01-01

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  • Severe Hypercalcemia and Polyuria in a Near-Drowning Victim

    MACHI Toshihiko , NAKAZAWA Tetsuya , NAKAMURA Yoshihisa , OKEIE Kazuyasu , HORITA Yuki , HIRAI Hiroshi , MIYAMORI Hirotoshi , SAITO Yasuhito , KITAGAWA Shunsuke

    A 73-year-old man was admitted because of near-drowning in a hot springs bath. Transient severe hypercalcemia and polyuria were seen during the first hospital day. It seemed that the hypercalcemia was …

    Internal Medicine 34(9), 868-871, 1995-09

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