Departments of Anatomy, Osaka Medical College (1996年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Quenching Effect of Blood on Fluorescent Glucose Analogue NBDG

    HAYASAKI Hana , WATANABE Masahito , KANBARA Kiyoto , JO Nobuo , TAKAFUCHI Masahiro , WATANABE Yutaka , SHIMADA Masahisa

    A fluorescent glucose analogue, 6-deoxy-N-(7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1, 3-diazol-4-yl)-aminoglucose (NBDG) has been used for studies of glucose transport. The fluorescence from NBDG was observed with a confoc …

    ACTA HISTOCHEMICA ET CYTOCHEMICA 29(3), 207-213, 1996-06-01

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