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  • Constituent elements of insoluble and non-volatile particles during the Last Glacial Maximum exhibited in the Dome Fuji (Antarctica) ice core

    Iizuka Yoshinori , Miyake Takayuki , Hirabayashi Motohiro , Suzuki Toshitaka , Matoba Sumito , Motoyama Hideaki , Fujii Yoshiyuki , Hondoh Takeo

    In order to find environmental signals based on the dust and calcium-ion concentrations in ice cores, we determine the constituent elements of residue particles obtained after melting ice samples. We …

    Journal of Glaciology 55(191), 552-562, 2009-06


  • Ice fabric evolution process understood from anisotropic distribution of a-axis orientation on the GRIP (Greenland) ice core

    Miyamoto Atsushi , Shoji Hitoshi , Hori Akira , Hondoh Takeo , Clausen Henrik B. , Watanabe Okitsugu

    To better understand how ice fabric evolves in polar ice sheets, we use X-ray diffraction to measure ice crystal orientations. X-ray measurement equipment which can measure the orientation of the c ax …

    Annals of Glaciology (42), 47-52, 2005-08


  • Average time scale for Dome Fuji ice core, East Antarctica

    Hondoh Takeo , Shoji Hitoshi , Watanabe Okitsugu , Tsyganova Elena A. , Salamatin Andrey N. , Lipenkov Vladimir Ya.

    Three different approaches to ice-core age dating are employed to develop a depth-age relationship at Dome F: (1) correlation of the ice-core isotope record to the geophysical metronome(Milankovich su …

    Polar meteorology and glaciology 18, 1-18, 2004-11

  • Mechanical anisotropy of deep ice core samples by uniaxial compression tests (scientific paper)

    Miyamoto Atsushi , Shimohara Kimiko , Hyakutake Kinji , Shoji Hitoshi , Narita Hideki , Hondoh Takeo

    Mechanical anisotropy of ice core samples has been observed in various uniaxial compression tests. The c-axis orientation distribution is the primary influence on the mechanical behavior of ice cores. …

    Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue (57), 168-177, 2003-03


  • Estimation of annual layer thickness from stratigraphical analysis of Dome Fuji deep ice core (scientific paper)

    Narita Hideki , Azuma Nobuhiko , Hondoh Takeo , Hori Akira , Hiramatsu Tadayasu , Fujii-Miyamoto Michiko , Satow Kazuhide , Shoji Hitoshi , Watanabe Okitsugu

    Dating of ice cores is of important but is difficult for an ice core where there is low snow accumulation, and also for the deep part because seasonal chemical and isotopic signals are not easily pres …

    Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue 57, 38-45, 2003-03

  • Deep ice core drilling to 2503 m depth at Dome Fuji, Antarctica

    Fujii Yoshiyuki , Azuma Nobuhiko , Tanaka Yoichi , Nakayama Yoshiki , Kameda Takao , Shinbori Kunio , Katagiri Kazuo , Fujita Shuji , Takahashi Akiyoshi , Kawada Kunio , Motoyama Hideaki , Narita Hideki , Kamiyama Kokichi , Furukawa Teruo , Takahashi Shuhei , Shoji Hitoshi , Enomoto Hiroyuki , Saitoh Takeshi , Miyahara Morihiro , Naruse Renji , Hondoh Takeo , Shiraiwa Takayuki , Yokoyama Kotaro , Ageta Yutaka , Saito Takashi , Watanabe Okitsugu

    Deep ice core drilling was carried out at Dome Fuji, Antarctica in 1995 and 1996 from the bottom of the casing installed in 1993 and reached 2503.52m in December 1996. We used a JARE type electromecha …

    Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue (56), 103-116, 2002-03



    MIYAMOTO Atsushi , SHOJI Hitoshi , NARITA Hideki , WATANABE Okitsugu , CLAUSEN Henrik B. , HONDOH Takeo

    We conducted detailed mechanical property investigations of deep polar ice core samples. In order to understand the effect of cloudy band structure on deformation of ice core samples, uniaxial compres …

    Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology 11, 87-93, 1997-11

  • A preliminary study of ice core chronology at Dome Fuji Station, Antarctica

    WATANABE O. , FUJII Yoshiyuki , MOTOYAMA Hideaki , FURUKAWA Teruo , SHOJI Hitoshi , ENOMOTO Hiroyuki , KAMEDA Takao , NARITA Hideki , NARUSE Renji , HONDOH Takeo , FUJITA Shuji , MAE Shinji , AZUMA Nobuhiko , KOBAYASHI Shun'ichi , NAKAWO Masayoshi , AGETA Yutaka

    A 112.59m-deep ice core was drilled at Dome Fuji Station by a JARE-34 party in 1993 when a pilot hole was prepared for a deep core drilling operation. A preliminary examination was made for ice core c …

    Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology (11), 9-13, 1997-11

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    WATANABE Okitsugu , SHIMADA Wataru , NARITA Hideki , MIYAMOTO Atsushi , TAYUKI Kazushige , HONDOH Takeo , KAWAMURA Toshiyuki , FUJITA Shuji , SHOJI Hitoshi , ENOMOTO Hiroyuki , KAMEDA Takao , KAWADA Kunio , YOKOYAMA Kotaro

    To make a pilot-hole for deep core drilling at Dome Fuji Station, East Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, shallow ice core drilling was conducted to a depth of 112.59m by electro-mechanical drill. Core logg …

    Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology (11), 1-8, 1997-11



    SHOJI Hitoshi , SAITO Takashi , SAITO Takeshi , SHIRAIWA Takayuki , TAGUCHI Yuji , YOKOYAMA Kotaro , HONDOH Takeo , WATANABE Okitsugu , MOTOYAMA Hideaki , FURUKAWA Teruo , TAKEKAWA Motoaki , AGETA Yutaka

    Information on paleoenvironmental changes on the earth is preserved in the form of physical and chemical stratigraphic features in large polar ice sheets. Extraction of ice core signals makes it possi …

    Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology 10, 149, 1996-09

  • Optimized storage condition of deep ice core samples from the viewpoint of air-hydrate analysis

    UCHIDA T. , Hondoh Takeo , Mae Shinji , Shoji Hitoshi , Azuma Nobuhiko

    Experimental data on the dissociation rate of air-hydrate crystals in Vostok cores, Antarctica, and Dye-3 cores, Greenland, during their long term storage revealed that dissociation of the crystals af …

    Mem. Natl. Inst. Polar Res., Spec. Issue 49, 306, 1994

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