Higaki Satoshi HIGAKI Satoshi


Institute of Laser Engineering,Osaka University (1984年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Experimental Study of Alternative Implosion Concepts for Particle Beam ICF

    HIGAKI Satoshi , FUJITA Hirokazu , MIYAMOTO Shuji , IMASAKI Kazuo , NAKAI Sadao , YAMANAKA Chiyoe

    The plasma jet formation experiments on cylindrical Au target applying afocused RUB generated by REDDEN III were performed. The clear evidenceof jet formation was shown by N. laser shadowgrams and dam …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 53(2), p613-619, 1984-02

  • Enhancement of the Ion Current Density in Magnetically Insulated Ion Diodes

    MIYAMOTO Shuji , OZAKI Tetsu , IMASAKI Kazuo , HIGAKI Satoshi , NAKAI Sadao , YAMANAKA Chiyoe

    Japanese journal of applied physics 20(10), L717-L719, 1981-10-05

  • Implosion Efficiency of Light Ion Beam Driven Target

    IMASAKI Kazuo , HIGAKI Satoshi , IDO Shunji , NAKAI Sadao , YAMANAKA Chiyoe

    The implosion efficiency of light ion beam (LIB) driven target were investigatedby simulation. The results was explained by the simple cannon ball model duringthe early stage of the pulse when the the …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 50(6), 1819-1820, 1981-06-15

  • Pellet Gain Optimization of Particle Beam Fusion with Au Shell and DT Fuel Target

    IDO Shunji , HIGAKI Satoshi , OKEHARA Jun-yoshi , IMASAKI Kazuo , NISHIHARA Katsunobu , YABE Takashi , NAKAI Sadao , YAMANAKA Chiyoe

    The method of symmetry breaking potential is applied to the system of identical rigidmolecules with simple typical shapes (rod with square cross-section, square plate andcube), which are perfectly ali …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 50(3), 741-742, 1981-03-15

  • Production of Ion Beams in Pinched-Electron-Beam Diode

    MIYAMOTO Shyuji , IMASAKI Kazuo , HIGAKI Satoshi , OZAKI Tetsuo , NAKAI Sadao , YAMANAKA Chiyoe

    A high power pulse generator Reiden III (500 kV, 120 kA) has beeat used toproduce light ion beams. Currents in excess of 2.5 kA with current density greaterthan 60 A/cm. have been produced in a 100 ns …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 49(4), 1641-1642, 1980-10-15

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