School of Project Design, Miyagi University (1998年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • A Random Access Micro-Cellular System Based on CSMA and Power Control

    KUBOTA Satoru , MUTSUURA Kouichi , AKIZUKI Osamu , OOSHITA Shinjirou

    A random access micro-cellular system based on CSMA(RAMCS/CSMA)is proposed. On uplink in RAMCS/CSMA, packets are transmitted by means of CSMA at the same carrier frequency in any cell. On downlink, pa …

    IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, A 81(7), 1349-1357, 1998-07-25

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  • A Random Access Micro-Cellular System

    KUBOTA Satoru , MUTSUURA Kouichi , AKIZUKI Osamu , OOSHITA Shinjirou

    In a radio network, while deploying microcells enhances spectral efficiency, it increases handoff in number and puts restriction on mobility of a terminal. As a solution of this contradictory matter, …

    IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, A 80(7), 1241-1248, 1997-07-25

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  • Slot Reservation TDMA with Parallel Transmission : SR-TDMA/PT

    AKIZUKI Osamu , SUZUKI Shingo , MUTSUURA Kouichi , OOSHITA Shinjirou

    In packet radio networks with TDMA, the throughput performance of network should be degraded due to the unequal traffic of each user. To overcome this problem, Mini-Slotted Alternating Priorities (MSA …

    IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences 79(7), 997-1003, 1996-07-25

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