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  • Simultaneous Wavelength Conversion Using SOA-PLC Hybrid Wavelength Selector

    ITO Toshio , OGAWA Ikuo , SUZUKI Yasumasa , MAGARI Katsuaki , KAWAGUCHI Yoshihiro , MITOMI Osamu

    Simultaneous wavelength conversion of multi-WDM channels is expected to be a key technique in near-future networks. In this paper, 4-channel wavelength conversion using four-wave mixing(FWM) in a hybr …

    IEICE transactions on electronics 83(6), 892-897, 2000-06-25

    References (25)

  • 40-Gbit/s Ti:LiNbO_3 Optical Modulator with a Two-Stage Electrode

    NOGUCHI Kazuto , MIYAZAWA Hiroshi , MITOMI Osamu

    This paper describes the design, fabrication, and performance of a novel Ti:LiNbO_3 optical modulator with a two-stage coplanar waveguide electrode for 40 Gbit/s optical transmission systems. The stru …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. 81(8), 1316-1320, 1998-08-25

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  • Polarization Independent Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Gate and Its Application in WDM Systems

    ITO Toshio , YOSHIMOTO Naoto , MITOMI Osamu , MAGARI Katsuaki , OGAWA Ikuo , EBISAWA Fumihiro , YAMADA Yasufumi , HASUMI Yuji

    We studied 2 types of polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier(SOA) gates for use in wavelength division multiplexing(WDM) applications: 1)a low operation current SOA gate with a small …

    IEICE Trans. Electron., C 81(8), 1237-1244, 1998-08-25

    References (18) Cited by (4)

  • Push-Pull Type Ridged Ti:LiNbO_3 Optical Modulator

    NOGUCHI Kazuto , MITOMI Osamu , MIYAZAWA Hiroshi

    We describe the design, fabrication, and characteristics of a push-pull type ridged Ti:LiNbO_3 optical modulator with two electrodes. The structure keeps microwave propagation loss low and enables a l …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. 79(1), 27-31, 1996-01-25

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