Obara Keisuke

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  • PI3K signaling of autophagy is required for starvation tolerance and virulenceof Cryptococcus neoformans

    Hu Guowu , Hacham Moshe , Waterman Scott R. , Panepinto John , Shin Soowan , Liu Xiaoguang , Gibbons Jack , Valyi-Nagy Tibor , Obara Keisuke , Jaffe H. Ari , Ohsumi Yoshinori , Williamson Peter R.

    Autophagy is a process by which cells recycle cytoplasm and defective organelles during stress situations such as nutrient starvation. It can also be used by host cells as an immune defense mechanism …

    Journal of Clinical Investigation 118(3), 1186-1197, 2008-03

    IR  Cited by (1)

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