Sakurazawa Keitaro SAKURAZAWA Keitaro


Department of Physics, Saitama University (2006年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Anomalous Metal-Insulator Transition in Filled Skutterudite CeOs_4Sb_<12>

    IMAI Yoshiki , SAKURAZAWA Keitaro , SASO Tetsuro

    Anomalous metal–insulator transition observed in filled skutterudite CeOs<SUB>4</SUB>Sb<SUB>12</SUB> is investigated by constructing the effective tight-binding model wit …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 75(3), "33706-1"-"33706-4", 2006-03-15

    J-STAGE  References (14) Cited by (1)

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