Kudo Hisaaki

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  • Non-contact Quantitative Microwave Detection of Radiation Induced Degradation of Polymers(7)  [in Japanese]

    砂川 武義 , Sunagawa Takeyoshi , 佐伯 昭紀 [他] , Jibu Hitoshi , 佐伯 昭紀 , Saeki Akinori , 関 修平 , Seki Shuhei , 工藤 久明 , Kudo Hisaaki

    It is very important to measure the degree of deterioration for the cable used in long-term operated nuclear power plants. We developed the nondestructive measurement technology utilizing microwave te …

    福井工業大学研究紀要 Memoirs of Fukui University of Technology (44), 272-277, 2014


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