Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Radiooncology and Nuclear Medicine, Radiological Clinic, Minerfs Hospital (2012年 CiNii収録論文より)

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  • Proficiency in Reading Pneumoconiosis Radiographs Examined by the 60-film Set with 4-factor Structuring 8-index

    ZHOU Huashi , VAN DUY Khuong , HERING Kurt.G , PARKER John E , ALGRANTI Eduardo , FEDOTOV Igor , SHIDA Hisao , AKIRA Masanori , KUSAKA Yukinori , TAMURA Taro , SUGANUMA Narufumi , SUBHANNACHART Ponglada , SIRIRUTTANAPRUK Somkiat , DUMAVIBHAT Narongpon , ZHANG Xing , SISHODIYA P.K.

    29 physicians (A1-Group) and 24 physicians (A2-Group) attending the 1st and 2nd “Asian Intensive Reader of Pneumoconiosis” (AIR Pneumo) training course, respectively, and 22 physicians (B- …

    Industrial Health, 2012


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