Hiroshi IZUTA

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  • A Role of Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase (EC-SOD) in Vitreous Bodies from Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Patients  [in Japanese]

    力石 裕一 , 伊豆田 洋志 , 足立 哲夫 , 原 英彰 , チカライシ ユウイチ , イズタ ヒロシ , アダチ テツオ , ハラ ヒデアキ , Yuichi CHIKARAISHI , Hiroshi IZUTA , Tetsuo ADACHI , Hideaki HARA

    Angiogenesis, in which new vessels are formed from existing vessels, is usually regulated strictly. However, once the regulated mechanism is ruptured, dysregulated angiogenesis (pathological neovascul …

    岐阜薬科大学紀要  = The annual proceedings of Gifu Pharmaceutical University (60), 33-42, 2011-06-30


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