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  • 改めてノーマリゼーション原理を考える

    岡崎 利治 , 三宮 基裕 , 片岡 正喜 , オカザキ トシハル , サンノミヤ モトヒロ , カタオカ マサキ , Toshiharu OKAZAKI , Motohiro SANNOMIYA , Masaki KATAOKA

    Recently, "normalization" became one of the popular terms of the social service in Japan. "Normalization" is the view that people who undertake disadvantage socially, such as a disabled person and eld …

    九州保健福祉大学研究紀要 = Journal of Kyushu University of Health and Welfare 7, 133-143, 2006-03-25

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