Takeishi Yu

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  • [論説] サンゴ礁の波高減衰に関する野外観測 : 沖縄島南部新原海岸の裾礁の事例

    武石 裕 , 青木 久 , 前門 晃 , 廣瀬 孝 , Takeishi Yu , Aoki Hisashi , Maekado Akira , Hirose Takashi , 琉球大学大学院 , 東京学芸大学 , 琉球大学 , Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences University of the Ryukyus , Department of Geography Tokyo Gakugei University , Faculty of Law and Letters University of the Ryukyus

    To investigate the relationship between reduction of wave height on a fringing reef and the water depth at the reef edge, field measurements were carried out on Miibaru coast with a fringing reef in S …

    沖縄地理 (14), 19-24, 2014-06-25