Schuhmann Henning


IV. Physikalisches Institut, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen|CRC 1073, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (2015年 CiNii収録論文より)


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  • Spin-Transfer Torque Switching at Ultra Low Current Densities

    Leutenantsmeyer Johannes Christian , Zbarsky Vladyslav , von der Ehe Marvin [他] , Münzenberg Markus , Zbarsky Vladyslav , von der Ehe Marvin , Wittrock Steffen , Peretzki Patrick , Schuhmann Henning , Thomas Andy , Rott Karsten , Reiss Günter

    The influence of the tantalum buffer layer on the magnetic anisotropy of perpendicular Co-Fe-B/MgO based magnetic tunnel junctions is studied using magneto-optical Kerr-spectroscopy. Samples without a …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 56(9), 1323-1326, 2015