Tetsuo" Kanno

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  • 超軽量動力機のための木製双フロートの設計と製作(第2報)

    "伊藤 宏一 , 宮城 調春 , 村田 光一 , 大久保 富彦 , 春山 浩之 , 菅野 哲夫" , Hirokazu "Itoh , Chohshun Miyagi , Koichi Murata , Tomihiko Ookubo , Hiroyuki Haruyama , Tetsuo" Kanno

    "The wooden floats for the micro-light-airplane were designed after Cresswell Walker and built by hand. MAXAIR DRIFTER installing these floats succeeded in a series of the water taxing test. It was ne …

    東京都立産業技術高等専門学校研究紀要 = Research reports of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology 2, 55-63, 2008-03