Mariko Date

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  • Survey of health and lifestyle habits for Women's university students  [in Japanese]

    伊達 萬里子 , 樫塚 正一 , 北島 見江 , 田嶋 恭江 , 五藤 佳奈 , 伊達 幸博 , Mariko Date , Shoichi Kashizuka , Mie Kitajima , Yasue Tajima , Kana Gotou , Yukihiro Date

    The stress that is one of these causes becomes a big social problem; the reason is that stress gives bad influence for mind and body of children. Research on various types of stress is being conducted …

    武庫川女子大学紀要. 人文・社会科学編 (59), 97-106, 2012-03-31

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