Masahiro Osugi

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  • Chitin-Binding and Antifungal Properties of the Low Molecular Weight Proteins from Buckwheat Seeds  [in Japanese]

    坂本 えり奈 , 家本 敦子 , 岡村 徳光 , 堀江 登 , 大杉 匡弘 , 清原 利文 , Erina Sakamoto , Atsuko Iemoto , Tokumitsu Okamura , Noboru Horie , Masahiro Osugi , Toshifumi Kiyohara

    The low molecular weight proteins which had affinity for chitin were purified in two types of crystalline forms from buckwheat seeds and named as buckwheat chitin-binding proteins I and II, BCP I and …

    武庫川女子大学紀要. 自然科学編 (46), 27-31, 1999-03-31

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