Yo Hirasima

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  • Auroral zone X-ray pulsations associated with VLF pulsations: B15-3N balloon experiment

    Hisao Yamagishi , Takayuki Ono , Hiroshi Fukunishi , Takamasa Yamagami , Jun Nishimura , Masahiro Kodama , Yo Hirasima , Hiroyuki Murakami , Jan A. Holtet , Stein Ullaland , Risto J. Pellinen

    A stratospheric balloon, carrying a Nal (T1) scintillation counter for measuring 20-100keV bremsstrahlung X-rays was launched from Stamsund (L=5.6) in Norway during the recovery phase of a magnetic su …

    Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue (31), 124-136, 1984-07


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