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  • Polymers Having Stable Radicals : Electrochemical and Chemical Behaviors of the Polymer Having Nitroxyls.

    黒崎 壽一 , TAKAHASHI Osamu , OKAWARA Makoto , Toshikazu KUROSAKI , Osamu TAKAHASHI , Makoto OKAWARA , Department of Industrial Chemistry Faculty of Engineering Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics , Ashigara Research Laboratory Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. , Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization Tokyo Institute of Technology

    As a part of this series on polymers having stable radicals, evaluation of oxidation-reduction potentials by polarography and oxidative reactivities toward hydrazine and hydrazobenzene has been dealt …

    東京工芸大学工学部紀要 = The Academic Reports, the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Polytechnic University 1(1), 41-50, 1978


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