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  • Enantioselective Peptide Synthesis by Using the Optically Active Polymer Containing the 1-Benzyl-3-Hydroxy-5-Isobutyl-Hydantoin Structure

    TERAMOTO Takero , 黒崎 壽一 , OKAWARA Makoto , Takero TERAMOTO , Toshikazu KUROSAKI , Makoto OKAWARA , Department of Industrial Chemistry , Department of Industrial Chemistry , Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization Tokyo institute of Technology

    The polymer containing the 1-benzyl-3-hydroxyhydantoin structure was prepared from styrene and 1-chloromethylhydantotin in order to achieve not only the act as acyl activating polymeric ester but the …

    東京工芸大学工学部紀要 = The Academic Reports, the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Polytechnic University 5(1), 44-48, 1982


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