Miyo Kengo

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  • Quality Requirements for Electronic Health Record Systems A Japanese-German Information Management Perspective

    Winter Alfred , Takabayashi Katsuhiko , Jahn Franziska , Kimura Eizen , Engelbrecht Rolf , Haux Reinhold , Honda Masayuki , Hübner Ursula H. , Inoue Sozo , Kohl Christian D. , Matsumoto Takehiro , Matsumura Yasushi , Miyo Kengo , Nakashima Naoki , Prokosch Hans-Ulrich , Staemmler Martin

    Background: For more than 30 years, there has been close cooperation between Japanese and German scientists with regard to information systems in health care. Collaboration has been formalized by an a …

    Methods of Information in Medicine 56(4), e92-e104, 2017-09-01


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