Suzuki Takeshi

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  • Experimental Evidence of Core Modification in the Near Drip-Line Nucleus O-23

    Rituparna Kanungo , Chiba Masami , Iwasa Naohito , Nishimura Shunji , Ozawa Akira , Chhanda Samanta , Suda Toshimi , Suzuki Takeshi , 山口 貴之 , Tao Zheng , Tanihata Isao

    The longitudinal momentum (PII) distributions of one- and two-neutron removal fragments ( 21,22O) of 23O from the reaction with a C target at 72 A MeV have been measured for the first time using a new …

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 88(14), 142502-1-142502-4, 2002


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