Hiroshi TOMITA

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  • Vertical Diffusion of Oil/Solvent Mixture  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Kenji , TOMITA Hiroshi , HAMAJIMA Kinji , Kenji WATANABE , Hiroshi TOMITA , Kinji HAMAJIMA , 運輸省船舶技術研究所共通工学部 , 運輸省船舶技術研究所共通工学部 , 運輸省船舶技術研究所共通工学部

    In this paper, turbulent vertical diffusion of oil particles due to waves, after dispersion of oil spilt on the sea by oil solvent, is investigated. Considering that vertical diffusion coefficient dim …

    Papers of Ship Research Institute 14(6), p401-415, 1977-11

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