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  • An Improvement of Ship Hull Form for Medium Sized Coast-Going Liners  [in Japanese]

    SUGAI Nobuo , YANAGIHARA Tuyoshi , YAMAGUCHI Masahiro , SUZUKI Naoya , Nobuo SUGAI , Tuyoshi YANAGIHARA , Masahiro YAMAGUCHI , Naoya SUZUKI , 運輸省船舶技術研究所推進性能部 , 運輸省船舶技術研究所推進性能部 , 運輸省船舶技術研究所氷海技術部 , 運輸省船舶技術研究所推進性能部

    This paper describes the experimental results for improvement of the ship hull form for domestic transportation. The improvement method used here is a statistical method on wave making theory compiled …

    Papers of Ship Research Institute 37(3), 143-159, 2000

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