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  • Development of the Test Procedure for Evaluating Danger of Sliding Failure of Nickel Ore  [in Japanese]

    OTA Susumu , URA Tamaki , MURAYAMA Masaki , TANAKA Masato , TOBINOBU Takao , Susumu OTA , Tamaki URA , Masaki MURAYAMA , Masato TANAKA , Takao TOBINOBU , 運輸省船舶技術研究所機関動力部 , 東京大学生産技術研究所 , 船舶艤装品研究所 , 船舶艤装品研究所 , 日本海事検定協会

    Nickel ore is natural clay containing large lumps. Every year, around four million tons of this material is transported to Japan from Indonesia, New Caledonia and Philippine by bulk carriers of around …

    Papers of Ship Research Institute 38(1), 1-32, 2001

    NDL Digital Collections 

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