Akihiro Kashihara

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  • A Formulation of Auxiliary Problems (<Survey Papers> Special Issue : "Computer Support for Human Learning")  [in Japanese]

    HIRASHIMA Tsukasa , AZUMA Shozou , KASHIHARA Akihiro , TOYODA Jun'ichi , Tsukasa Hirashima , Syozou Azuma , Akihiro Kashihara , Jun'ichi Toyoda

    Auxiliary problems are very useful to assist students in problem solving. To utilize the auxiliary problems in ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System), a framework for formulation and categorization of them …

    人工知能学会誌 = Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 10(3), 413-420, 1995-05-01

    JSAI  References (28) Cited by (7)

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