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  • Analyses of Total and Free Calcium, Phosphate, Phytate and Nitrate in Various Koji Nattoes (HUMAN ENVIRONMENT)  [in Japanese]

    大槻 耕三 , 久保山 晶子 , 佐藤 健司 [他] , 中村 考志 , KOZO OHTSUKI , AKIKO KUBOYAMA , KENJI SATO , YASUSHI NAKAMURA

    Analyses of total and free calcium, total and free phosphate, phytate and nitrate contents in various Koji Nattoes, Shio-natto, Hama-natto and Daitokuji-natto, were carried out. Itohiki-natto, Rice-Ko …

    The Scientific reports of Kyoto Prefectural University. Human environment and agriculture (51), 1-4, 1999-12


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