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  • Analysis of Microstructure in High Density Magnetic Composite (HDMC) by Transmission Electron Microscope and Micro-probe  [in Japanese]

    小林 由布子 , 朴 英吉 , 村上 恭和 [他] , 進藤 大輔 , 田島 伸 , Yuko KOBAYASHI , Young-Gil PARK , Yasukazu MURAKAMI , Daisuke SHINDO , Shin TAJIMA

    Microstructure, magnetic domains and electric resistivity of a high density magnetic composite (HDMC), which is a type of powder magnetic cores, were studied by transmission electron microscopy. Films …

    Bulletin of the Advanced Materials Processing Building, IMRAM, Tohoku University 60(1・2), 1-6, 2004-12


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