Nakajima Mitsutoshi

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  • Industrial lab-on-a-chip: Design, applications and scale-up for drug discovery and delivery

    Vladisavljević Goran T. , Khalid Nauman , Neves Marcos A. , Kuroiwa Takashi , Nakajima Mitsutoshi , Uemura Kunihiko , Ichikawa Sosaku , Kobayashi Isao , ネヴェス マルコス , 中嶋 光敏 , 市川 創作

    Microfluidics is an emerging and promising interdisciplinary technology which offers powerful platforms for precise production of novel functional materials (e.g., emulsion droplets, microcapsules, an …

    Advanced drug delivery reviews 65(11-12), 1626-1663, 2013-11


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