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  • Measurement of the B±c production cross section in pp¯ collisions at s√=1.96  TeV

    CDF Collaboration , Hara K. , Kim S. H. , Sato K. , Takeuchi Y. , Ukegawa F. , 原 和彦 , 金 信弘 , 佐藤 構二 , 武内 勇司 , 受川 史彦

    We describe a measurement of the ratio of the cross sections times branching fractions of the B+c meson in the decay mode B+c→J/ψμ+ν to the B+ meson in the decay mode B+→J/ψK+ in proton-antiproton col …

    Physical review D 93(5), 052001, 2016-03


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