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Addison, Mr.


Addison, Dzhozef

Аддисон, Джозеф


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  • The spectator

    Joseph Addison and Richard Steele 2006

    v. 1, pt. 1

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Cato : a tragedy, and selected essays

    Joseph Addison ; edited by Christine Dunn Henderson and Mark E. Yellin ; with a foreword by Forrest McDonald

    Liberty Fund c2004

    : hbk , : pbk

    Available at 2 libraries

  • The Sir Roger de Coverley papers from the Spectator

    with questions and suggestions for study by Homer K. Underwood

    University Press of the Pacific c2002

    Available at 1 libraries

  • 坪内逍遥集

    [坪内逍遥訳] ; 川戸道昭, 中林良雄, 榊原貴教編集

    大空社 2002.1 続明治翻訳文学全集 / 川戸道昭, 中林良雄, 榊原貴教編 翻訳家編 ; 4

    Available at 97 libraries

  • 森田思軒集

    [森田思軒訳] ; 川戸道昭, 中林良雄, 榊原貴教編集

    大空社 2002.1-2003.7 続明治翻訳文学全集 / 川戸道昭, 中林良雄, 榊原貴教編 翻訳家編 ; 5-6

    1 , 2

    Available at 96 libraries

  • Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703. By Joseph Addison, Esq;

    Joseph Addison

    [Gale ECCO print editions] [20--] ECCO print editions History and Geography

    : pbk

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Caton d'Utique : tragédie de M. Addisson

    traduite de l'Anglois par M. Guillemard

    Belser Wiss. Dienst c1989 [Repro. to order] Edition Corvey . English language titles

    Microform (Microfiche)

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator

    Richard Steele and Joseph Addison ; edited with an introduction and notes by Angus Ross

    Penguin 1988, c1982 Penguin classics


    Available at 8 libraries

  • The Spectator

    edited with an introduction and notes by Donald F. Bond

    The Clarendon Press 1987, c1965

    v. 1 , v. 2 , v. 3 , v. 4 , v. 5

    Available at 63 libraries

  • The Spectator : selections

    with introduction and notes by Kinsaku Shinoda

    研究社出版 1983.3 復刻版 研究社英文學叢書 / 岡倉由三郎, 市河三喜主幹 〔83〕

    Available at 111 libraries

  • Из истории английской эстетической мысли XVIII века

    Поп ... [и др.] ; [редакционная коллегия, М.Ф. Овсянников (председатель) ... и др. ; составление, вступ. статья и общая ред. И.С. Нарского ; перевод Е.С. Лагутина и А.Л. Субботина]

    "Искусство" 1982 История эстетики в памятниках и документах

    Available at 1 libraries

  • The Guardian

    edited, with an introduction and notes by John Calhoun Stephens

    University Press of Kentucky c1982

    Available at 6 libraries

  • アディスン及スティール


    研究社出版 1980.6 復刻版 研究社英米文學評傳叢書 18

    Available at 170 libraries

  • The freeholder

    Joseph Addison ; edited with an introduction and notes by James Leheny

    Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press 1979

    Available at 14 libraries

  • Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals, London 1726

    Joseph Addison

    Garland Pub. 1976 The Renaissance and the gods 38

    Available at 13 libraries

  • The works of Petronius Arbiter, in prose and verse

    translated from the original Latin by Mr. Addison ; to which are prefix'd The life of Petronius, done from the Latin, and a character of his writings by Monsieur St. Evremont

    AMS Press 1975

    Available at 31 libraries

  • Freedom of the press : six tracts, 1712-1730

    Garland Pub. 1974 The English book trade, 1660-1853

    Available at 6 libraries

  • The beggar's opera and other eighteenth-century plays

    selected by John Hampden ; introd. by David W. Lindsay

    Dent , Dutton 1974 Everyman's library no. 818, 1818

    : hard , : paper

    Available at 17 libraries

  • Selected essays from "The Tatler," "The Spectator," and "The Guardian"

    [by] Joseph Addison and Richard Steele ; edited by Daniel McDonald

    Bobbs-Merrill c1973

    Available at 2 libraries

  • Cato

    J. Addison

    Readex [197-?] [Reformat] 19th century English drama

    Microform (Microfiche)

    Available at 1 libraries

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