Non-equilibrium dynamics in chemical systems : proceedings of the international symposium, Bordeaux, France, September 3-7, 1984


Non-equilibrium dynamics in chemical systems : proceedings of the international symposium, Bordeaux, France, September 3-7, 1984

editors, C. Vidal and A. Pacault

(Springer series in synergetics, v. 27)

Springer-Verlag, 1984

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Markedly apart from elementary particle physics, another current has been building up and cont i nuous ly growi ng within contemporary phys i cs for severa 1 decades, and even expanding into many other disciplines, especially chemistry, biology and, quite recently, economics. Several reasons account for this: presumably the most impor- tant one lies in the fact that, whatever the specific problem, model or material concerned, the same basic mathematical features are always involved. In this way, a general phenomenology has emerged which, unlike thermodynamics, is no longer depen- dent upon the details or specifics: what largely prevails is the nonlinear charac- ter of the underlying dynamics. Perhaps we are witnessing the emergence of a "non- linear physics" - in a way similar to the birth of "quantum physics" in the twen- ties - a physics which deals with the general behaviour of systems, whatever they are or may be. Over the past fifteen years, chemical systems evolving sufficiently far from equilibrium have proved to be particularly well fitted to experimental research on nonlinear behaviour: oscillation, multistability, birhythmicity, chaotic evolution, spatial self-organization and hysteresis are displayed by chemical reactions whose number is growing each year. In this volume are collected the lectures, communica- tions and posters (abstracts) presented at an international meeting entitled: "Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Chemical Systems", held in Bordeaux (France), Septem- ber 3 rd-lth, 1984.


I General Introduction.- to the Meeting "Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Chemical Systems" (Introduction au Colloque).- Spatial and Temporal Patterns Formed by Systems Far from Equilibrium (plenary lecture).- II Oscillating Reactions and Modelling Problems.- New Chemical Oscillators (plenary lecture).- The Mechanism of the Oscillating Air Oxidation of Benzaldehyde.- Analysis of Elementary Steps in Oscillating Chemical Reactions.- Bistability in the Reduction of Permanganate by Hydrogen Peroxide in a Stirred Tank Flow Reactor.- Measurements and Modelling of Unstable Steady State, Separatrix, and Critical Point Behavior.- Isothermal Autocatalysis in Open Systems (CSTR): Simple Models and Complex Behaviour.- Composition Variables Needed to Model Complex Chemical Systems.- Modelling of Chemical Dynamics (extended abstract of a plenary lecture). Towards a Methodological Approach.- Bistability and Oscillations in a Flow Reactor: The Systems H2O2-KI with and Without Iodate and (NH4)2 S2O8-KI with and Without Oxalic Acid.- III Spatial Structures and Chemical Waves.- Propagator-Controller Systems and Chemical Patterns (plenary lecture).- The Speed of Propagation of Oxidizing and Reducing Wave Fronts in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction.- Macroscopic Self Organization at Geological and Other First Order Phase Transitions.- Temporal and Spatial Structures in Chemical Systems Far from Equilibrium (extended abstract of a plenary lecture).- Experimental Study of Target Patterns Exhibited by the B.Z. Reaction.- Kinematic Analysis of Wave Pattern Formation in Excitable Media.- Pattern Formation in Chemical Systems: The Effect of Convection.- Spatial Structures Formed by Chemical Reactions at Liquid Interfaces: Phenomenology, Model Simulations, and Pattern Analysis.- IV Chemical Chaos.- Chemical Chaos (plenary lecture).- Quasiperiodicity in Chemical Dynamics.- Nonlinear Interactions Between Instabilities Leading to Chaos in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction.- V Noise Effects.- Noise Induced Transitions (plenary lecture).- External Noise in Finite Systems.- Hopf Bifurcation and Ripple Induced by External Multiplicative Noise.- Inhomogeneities Induced by Imperfect Stirring in a C.S.T.R. Effect on Bistability.- Turbulent Mixing and Nonequilibrium Chemical Instabilities: The Effect of Reactant Streams in a CSTR.- VI Stochastic Analysis.- Stochastic Aspects of Nonequilibrium Transitions in Chemical Systems (plenary lecture).- Stochastic Theory of a Bistable Chemical Reaction in Non-Homogeneous Liquids.- Stochastic Description of Various Types of Bifurcations in Chemical Systems.- Long Range Correlations in a Non Equilibrium System.- VII Posters.- Analysis of Chemical Network Dynamics Using Computer Programmed Theory.- Heterogeneous Fluctuations in Chemical Oscillators.- Basins of Attraction to Oscillatory Modes in a Forced Glycolytic Oscillator.- Quasiperiodic, Entrained and Chaotic Responses of Yeast Extracts Under Periodic Substrate Input Flux: Model and Experiments.- Critical Thresholds in Chemical Composition for Convective Pattern Formation in Protein Solutions and Cytoplasmic Media.- Image Analysis in the Study of Dissipative Spatial Patterns.- Dissipative Structures in a Two Cells System.- Photochemical Reactions and Hydrodynamic Instabilities.- Toroids, Spirals and Other Chemical Waves.- A Model for the Oscillatory Precipitations of Minerals in Chemically Modified Rocks: The Autocatalytic Role of Surfaces.- Study of the Electrochemical Properties of Colloids by Means of Photo-Ionic Effect.- Diffusion-Reactions in Solid-Liquid Systems Mathematical and Geological Features.- Stochastic Analysis of a Complex Bifurcation.- Relaxation Processes in Spatially Distributed Bistable Chemical Systems: Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis.- A Lagrangian Formulation of the Dynamics of Chemical Reaction Systems.- Relaxation Phenomena in a Bistable Chemical System.- Effect of Stirring on Chemical Bistability in CSTR.- Oscillatory Combustion of Heterogeneous Flames.- Mecanisme de la Reaction de Bray.- Process (E2) of the Explodator Model.- Formation of CO2 in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky System.- Experimental Study of Stirring Effects of a Bistable Chemical System in Flow Reactor Mode.- Study of Bromide Control in Bromate Oscillators.- Complex Wave-Forms in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction.- On the Possibility of Chaos in Formal Kinetics.- Diversity and Complexity in Dynamical Behaviour of a Simple Autocatalytic Brusselator-Type Model.- Designing and Excluding Periodicity.- The Effect of Inhomogeneity of the Residence Time in a Chemical Flow Reactor.- Dynamical Aspects in the Noise-Induced Freedericksz Instability.- Variety of Evolutions to Stationary Periodical Structures.- Transient Bimodality: A New Mechanism of Stochasticity in Explosive Chemical Reactions.- Complex Periodic and Chaotic Behavior in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction.- Periodic Operation of a Stirred Flow Reaction with Limit Cycle Oscillations.- Index of Contributons.

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