Extra high voltage A.C. transmission engineering


Extra high voltage A.C. transmission engineering

Rakosh Das Begamudre

(A Halsted Press book)

Wiley, c1986

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Overview of Energy Position and Role of EHV Transmission. Power Handling Capacity of Lines and Choice of Voltage. Line Parameter Calculation with Ground Return. Voltage Gradient Calculation on Conductors. Corona Effects I: Loss and Audible Noise. Corona Effects II: Radio and TV Interference. Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Fields Near Lines. Travelling Waves and Standing Waves: Theory. Lightning and Lightning Protection. Switching Surges. Insulation Characteristics of Long Air Gaps and Breakdown Mechanisms. Power-Frequency Overvoltages and Voltage Control of Lines with Compensation. Techniques for Model Studies. Testing and Testing Equipment for EHV. Design of UHV Outdoor Projects. Surges In Transformer Windings and Shielding. Design Practices of EHV Lines in the World. Index.

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