Programming principles in computer graphics


Programming principles in computer graphics

L. Ammeraal

Wiley, c1986

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Bibliography: p. 166

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This book deals with the most essential elements of computer graphics, namely analytic geometry and programming. It aims to stimulate and improve programming skills in a device-independent manner. All the algorithms discussed are expressed in complete "ready-to-run" programs, using simple line-drawing primitives. The C programming language, used throughout, is explained for those who are not yet familiar with this versatile language. Several useful programs are presented and explained. They include advanced topics such as B-splines and full hidden-line removal. For the latter, a new algorithm is used which has proved successful in practice. The author discusses practical and theoretical aspects of perspective in detail, including relevant subjects of analytical and projective geometry.


  • Introduction
  • Two-dimensional Algorithms
  • Geometric Tools for 3D Algorithms
  • Perspective
  • Hidden-line Elimination
  • Some Applications
  • Appendix: A Brief Introduction to the C Language
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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