Matrices with applications in statistics


Matrices with applications in statistics

Franklin A. Graybill

(The Wadsworth statistics/probability series)

Wadsworth International Group, c1983

2nd ed

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Rev. ed. of: Introduction to matrices with applications in statistics. 1969

Bibliography: p. 451-457

Includes index



Presenting topics useful in the study of multivariate analysis and the general linear model, this text is an excellent source for every student in statistics. Additions to the second edition reinforce the text as a classic in its field. This book should be of interest to students on advanced degree courses in statistics, engineering and mathematics.


Prerequisite matrix theory. Prerequisite vector theory. Linear transformations and characteristic roots. Geometric interpretations. Algebra of vector spaces. Generalized inverse. Conditional inverse. Systems of linear equations. Patterned matrices and certain other special matrices. Trace of a matrix, vector of a matrix, commutation matrices. Integration and differentiation. Positive matrices and matrices with non-positive off-diagonal elements. Non-negative matrices, idempotent and tripotent matrices, projections.

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