Self-organization and management of social systems : insights, promises, doubts, and questions


Self-organization and management of social systems : insights, promises, doubts, and questions

editors, H. Ulrich and G.J.B. Probst

(Springer series in synergetics, v. 26)

Springer-Verlag, 1984

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Self organization and management of social systems

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Self-organization of systems belonging to quite different discipl ines has been a central topic of synergetics since its beginning. I am therefore particularly plea- sed that Hans Ulrich and Gilbert Probst have not only undertaken to organize an interdisciplinary meeting on Self-Organization and Management of Social Systems, but have also edited these articles written by leading scientists after and based upon that symposium. While the previous volumes of the Springer Series in Synergetics were mainly de- voted to physical, chemical and biological systems, with only the book by W. Weidlich and G. Haag deal i ng with "Quant i tat i ve Soc i 01 ogy" (Spri nger Ser. Syn., Vo 1. 14), the present volume opens a new perspective. As the reader will notice, the multitude of facets of self-organization is well reflected by various authors belonging to different discipl ines and representing different schools of thought. When such a wide scope of fields - ranging from phy- sics to sociology - is covered, it is not surprising that the existence of a "hiatus" between sociology and the natural sciences was felt by some participants.


I Principles of Self-Organization in Physical, Biological, and Social Systems.- Principles of Self-Organization - In a Socio-Managerial Context.- Two Principles for Self-Organization.- Can Synergetics Be of Use to Management Theory?.- Self-Organisation: Some Theoretical Cross-Connections.- Towards a Theory of Social Systems: Self-Organization and Self-Maintenance, Self-Reference and Syn-Reference.- II Self-Organization and Management.- Management - A Misunderstood Societal Function.- Systems Thinking in Management: The Development of Soft Systems Methodology and Its Implications for Social Science.- Evolutionary Management.- Systems Approach to Management: Hopes, Promises, Doubts - A Lot of Questions and Some Afterthoughts.- Cybernetic Principles for the Design, Control, and Development of Social Systems and Some Afterthoughts.- Some Explanatory Boundaries of Organismic Analogies for the Understanding of Social Systems.- Insights, Promises, Doubts, and Questions Emerging from a Colloquium - A Summary.- Index of Contributors.

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