Applications of dynamic NMR spectroscopy to organic chemistry


Applications of dynamic NMR spectroscopy to organic chemistry

by Michinori Ōki

(Methods in stereochemical analysis, v. 4)

VCH Publishers , VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, c1985

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This introduction to the applications of dynamic NMR spectroscopy provides all the knowledge required for organic chemists to enter this exciting field. It is intended to be instructive rather than exhaustive and emphasizes basic examples rather than sophisticated ones. The author deals in detail with the investigation of rotations about various kinds of bonds, of conformational changes in ring compounds, of the stereodynamics of imines and amines, and of degenerate, acid-base, and dislocation reactions. He also provides introductory material to afford a general idea of the areas in which the techniques was successfully applied, compares the kinetic data obtained by dynamic NMR spectroscopy and other methods, and mentions some caveats that must be observed when discussing the data.


  • General Considerations
  • Restricted Rotation About a Partial Double Bond
  • Restricted Rotation About a Formal Double Bond
  • Racemization-Topomerization by Rotation About an sp2-sp2 Bond
  • Restricted Rotation About a Trigonal to Tetrahedral Bond
  • Rotation About Tetrahedral Bonds
  • Conformational Changes in Ring Compounds
  • Stereodynamics of Amines and Imines
  • Applications to Chemical Reactions
  • Appendix I Relationships Among Various Activation Parameters
  • Appendix II Specification of Conformations.

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