Supercomputers and fluid dynamics : proceedings of the First Nobeyama Workshop, September 3-6, 1985


Supercomputers and fluid dynamics : proceedings of the First Nobeyama Workshop, September 3-6, 1985

edited by K. Kuwahara, R. Mendez, and S.A. Orszag

(Lecture notes in engineering, 24)

Springer-Verlag, c1986

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In the past several years, it has become apparent that computing will soon achieve a status within science and engineering to the classical scientific methods of laboratory experiment and theoretical analysis. The foremost tools of state-of-the-art computing applications are supercomputers, which are simply the fastest and biggest computers available at any given time. Supercomputers and supercomputing go hand-in-hand in pacing the development of scientific and engineering applications of computing. Experience has shown that supercomputers improve in speed and capability by roughly a factor 1000 every 20 years. Supercomputers today include the Cray XMP and Cray-2, manufactured by Cray Research, Inc., the Cyber 205, manufactured by Control Data Corporation, the Fujitsu VP, manufactured by Fujitsu, Ltd., the Hitachi SA-810/20, manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd., and the NEC SX, manufactured by NEC, Inc. The fastest of these computers are nearly three orders-of-magnitude faster than the fastest computers available in the mid-1960s, like the Control Data CDC 6600. While the world-wide market for supercomputers today is only about 50 units per year, it is expected to grow rapidly over the next several years to about 200 units per year.


Secondary Instabilities, Coherent Structure, and Turbulence.- Bootstrapping in Turbulence Computation.- Development of High-Reynolds-Number-Flow Computation.- Spectral Element Simulation of Flow in Grooved Channels: Cooling Chips with Tollmien-Schlichting Waves.- A Vortex Ring Interacting with a Vortex Filament and its Deformation Near the Two-Dimensional Stagnation Point.- A New Three-Dimensional Vortex Method.- Multi-Cell Vortices Observed in Fine-Mesh Solutions to the Incompressible Euler Equations.- Implicit Boundary Treatment for Joined and Disjoint Patched Mesh Systems.- Computational Study of Three-Dimensional Wake Structure.- A Semi-Elliptic Analysis of Internal Viscous Flows.- Simulation of Self-Induced Unsteady Motion in the Near Wake of a Joukowski Airfoil.- Viscous Compressible Flow Simulations Using Supercomputers.- The Scalar Performance of Three Supercomputers: Cray's X-MP/2, Fujitsu's VP-200 and NEC's SX-2.- NEC Supercomputer SX System.- FX: A CMOS-Implemented Digital Spectro-Correlator System for Radio Astronomy.- The CRAY-2: The New Standard in Supercomputing.- to the ETA 10.

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