From learning to love : the selected papers of H.F. Harlow


From learning to love : the selected papers of H.F. Harlow

edited by Clara Mears Harlow

(Centennial psychology series)

Praeger, 1986

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Includes bibliographies and index



From the 1930's to the 1970's, Harry Harlow's experimental findings have changed the way psychologists view learning, thinking, and motivation. The papers selected for From Learning to Love study behavior principles and describe better techniques for examining them. They discuss in depth the development of learning, motivation, and the affectional system as well as the interrelationships between love, aggression, and fear. A comprehensive collection, From Learning to Love is a valuable resource for psychiatrists, child care specialists, and parents who want to understand how their children develop.


List of Figures List of Tables Editor's Introduction The Evolution of Harlow Research Part I. Learning The Effect of Application of Anesthetic on Circumscribed Motor and Sensory Areas of the Cortex The Effects of Large Cortical Lesions on the Solution of Oddity Problems by Monkeys The Development of Learning in the Rhesus Monkey The Formation of Learning Sets Part II. Discussion Generalization of Behavioral Data Between Nonhuman and Human Animals Part III. Motivation Learning Motivated by Manipulation Drive Mice, Monkeys, Men, and Motives Nature of Love--Simplified The Nature of Complex, Unlearned Responses Part IV. Affectional Systems The Maternal Affectional System of Rhesus Monkeys Age-Mate or Peer Affectional System Sex Differences in Passion and Play The Heterosexual Affectional System Part V. Psychopathology Introduction and Alleviation of Depressive States in Monkeys Total Social Isolation in Monkeys Maternal Behavior of Rhesus Monkeys Deprived of Mothering and Peer Associations in Infancy Social Recovery by Isolation-Reared Monkeys Part VI. Overview Love and Aggression Psychopathological Perspectives Index

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