The interpretation of logging data


The interpretation of logging data

O. Serra

(Developments in petroleum science, 15A, 15B . { Fundamentals of well-log interpretation / O. Serra ; translated from the French by Peter Westaway and Haydn Abbott } ; 2)

Elsevier , Elf Aquitaine, 1986

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Translation of: Diagraphies différées

Includes bibliographies and index



Conceived and written by a geologist for geologists, Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation is a considerably revised and updated translation of the French edition. Part 1 dealt with the acquisition of logging data and when it appeared, one reviewer wrote: ``Serra has written a major reference work which is unusually well-organized, well-illustrated, and information-rich...If volume 2 is as thorough and exacting in detail as volume 1, it will do much toward furthering geologists' knowledge of well logging.'' (AAPG Bulletin). The fundamental objective of this second volume is to show that wireline log data constitute a remarkable source of geological information of the utmost importance for geologists, but also for reservoir engineers, geophysicists and petrophysicists. Too often, by nature of their training, geologists do not realize that wireline log data, which are physical data, hold in fact a tremendous variety of geological information covering practically all branches of geology. They are reluctant to use these data because often they are not familiar with them and do not know how to interpret wireline logs.


1. ``Quick-Look'' Methods. 2. Information on Rock Composition. 3. Information on Texture. 4. Information on Sedimentary Structure. 5. Information on Facies and Sequence. 6. Information on Depositional Sedimentary Environments. 7. Information on Diagenesis. 8. Compaction Study. 9. Reservoir Evaluation (Description of Petrophysical Properties: Static Behaviour). 10. Reservoir Evaluation (Petrophysical Characteristic: Dynamic Behaviour). 11. Fractured Formation Evaluation. 12. Geophysical Applications of Well Logs. 13. Stratigraphic Information. 14. Information on Tectonics. 15. Multi-Well Study: Space-Time Description of Formation and Synthesis. Appendix. Index-Glossary.

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