Authority and inequality under capitalism and socialism


Authority and inequality under capitalism and socialism

Barrington Moore Jr

Clarendon, 1987

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In this stimulating survey, Barrington Moore, the distinguished author of many seminal works, adopts an historical approach to describe and explain the principal similarities and differences in the systems of authority and inequality in the USA, the USSR, and China, and to explore the prospects for a free and rational society in the foreseeable future. He concludes that the tyranny of socialism with its all-powerful bureaucracies, and the shortcomings of liberal capitalism in which economic inequality has led to widespread unemployment, have tarnished both systems as ideals for the future. Religious fundamentalism and chauvinism, at times accompanied by terrorism, are attempts to fill the partial moral vacuum which has been created. Readership: amcademics, students, and the general public; courses in comparative economics systems; contemporary politics.

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