Microfoundations : the compatibility of microeconomics and macroeconomics


Microfoundations : the compatibility of microeconomics and macroeconomics

E. Roy Weintraub

(Cambridge surveys of economic literature)

Cambridge University Press, 1979

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This is the first full-length survey of current work which examines the compatibility of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Its particular distinction is that it makes accessible, to non-specialists, those extensive modern refinements of general equilibrium theory which are linked to macroeconomics and monetary theory. Part I traces the development and interlocking nature of two scientific research prgrams, macroeconomics and neo-Walrasian analysis. The five chapters in this part examine general equilibrium theory, Keynes' contribution, the 'neoclassical synthesis', and the Clower-Leijonhufvud contributions to questions of systemic coordination. The four chapters of Part II place recent work on the micro-foundations of macroeconomics within a taxonomic scheme of Walrasian equilibrium, Walrasian disequilibrium, Edgeworthian equilibrium, and Edgeworthian disequilibrium. Part III, a single chapter, provides an overview of the subject and ventures some conclusions.


  • Preface
  • Part I: Introduction
  • 1. Points of entry
  • 2. Development of the neo-Walrasian program 1930-60
  • 3. The 4,87th reexamination of Keynes' system
  • 4. The neo-Walrasian synthesis
  • 5. General systemic coordination
  • Part II: Introduction
  • 6. Walrasian equilibrium models
  • 7. Walrasian disequilibrium theory
  • 8. Edgeworthian equilibrium
  • 9. Edgeworth disequilibrium analysis
  • Part III: 10. A brief conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index of names
  • Subject index.

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