Introduction to the principles and practice of soil science


Introduction to the principles and practice of soil science

R.E. White

Blackwell Scientific, 1987

2nd ed

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There is a growing need for information about soils, their behaviour and their influence on land use. This introduction traces the fundamental contribution that soil science has made to many of the applied sciences associated with management of the environment; this is even more important today than when the first edition was published. Soil scientists are increasingly pressed to find ways of both producing food and fibre crops more efficiently, in terms of both yields per hectare and value of product relative to cost of input, while preserving the intrinsic value of the soil resource for posterity. This new edition, which has been extensively revised to reflect these trends, covers all aspects of soil science, the soil habitat, processes in the soil environment and utilization of soils. It also tackles the contemporary problem of the fate of toxic chemicals used in agriculture and their effect on the environment.


  • Part 1 The soil habitat: Introduction to the soil
  • The mineral component of the soil
  • Soil organic matter
  • Peds and pores. Part 2 Processes in the soil environment: Soil formation
  • Soil water and the hydrologic cycle
  • Reactions at surfaces
  • Soil aeration
  • Processes in profile development. Part 3 Utilization of soil: Nutrient cycling
  • Maintenance of soil productivity
  • Agricultural chemicals and the soil
  • Problem soils
  • Soil survey and classification.

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